Monday, October 24, 2005

Important announcements X 3

Ok I just have to clarify One thing, my mom did sponsor me to go on my journey to the west, and I forgot to mention it. Why? because the most important things are remembered by heart and not by the mouth (真诚是牢牢记住在心中而不是挂在口边). Anyways she didn’t shout, she didn’t scold, she gently mentioned it. Yes that’s why I always tell my friend’s that I love mummy the most. Like every other 5 mins till the point where I have almost no friends except the deaf or crippled ones who can’t crawl faster than I can walk beside and keep telling to, but that is all so worth it, because I love you mummy!!

Ok Ok, after four weeks of coming back I have just sent out my resumes 4 days ago. Please do not be mistaken, this is not a matter of sloth or laziness but a matter of FENG SHUI. Yes, I know some of the people out there who better know me will think that I am Bull Shiting you, but I shit you not.

A Feng Shui master who I was sitting with on the plane on my journey back which by the way you guys have no way of telling if I am speaking the truth (God I love this!). But I swear upon my dear Friend, Goh Tan’s life, who bloody owes me like 100 dollars and refuses to answer my calls. Yes I swear on his life and should I be lying, may he ….. You get the idea, I may not be telling the truth but either way I win.

The Feng Shui master said, young man when the turtle reaches the end of it's journey you know the crane will fly east. With those words of wisdom I think it is pretty obvious I have to wait four weeks before applying for work lah. And because it is so obvious and you guys are so clever. I will spare the specifics.

So now screen shots of my progress so far.

Wahahha 22 applications, my mouse almost spoil leh. So big this number 22, kindergardeners cannot even count leh. Grown ups please help any kindergardener beside you comprehend the largeness of this number.

And wait! what’s that! got more applications? Through email! 10 more!! What does that make the total, approx. 1000 is it? Yeah yeah I think so.

Ok Ok Ok!! So now the companies which I deem fit to enjoy my employment have my resumes. If any of you guys are applying for sales position in the IT, Logistic, Electronics Industry through You luck out!! Better back out of the interviews because you know they are just wasting your time going for the interviews, so they can leverage on the fact that they have “other applicants” to negotiate the digits of my six figure salary!!

Come back in a few days and I will announce the lucky winner of my employment.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Journey to the West

It was about 4 months ago, just after graduation.

I was given an opportunity to see the US for myself, recover from the ravages of the final year and postphone an inevitable question.

Naturally I embraced it with the help of my mother's and father's sponsorship.

For three months I worked at the amusement park called "The Great Escape" or as the people who slaved there refer to "The Great Mistake".

The damn place is situated in upstate New York in a rural tourist village called Lake George, the offpeak population: 500.

For three months we stayed at the "samoset cabin", the armpits of luxury

Oh samoset, oh samoset
How you held me to your bosoms
And fed me its sour milk
How you sang to me your lalabys
And kept me from my sleep
For all that you have done for me
And yet I have come to hate you
Let me count thy ways
Zero Internet connectivity
Half the world's mosquitoes
One common fridge that everybody stole from
Two times of normal wages for overtime but none I ever got
Three times a week I did laundry with my own hand
Four people to one bathroom
Five clock digits of walking just to use the public phone
Six weeks of intermittent hot water showers
Seven clock digits of walking just to get the groceries
Eight clock digits to bring the groceries back
Your ingrate son

My department, loss prevention, was a 3 man super team charged with the sacred duty of apprehending evil doers.

My boss, Al (Left) and supervisor, Joshua (Right)

But as we all know crime fighting the super hero way doesn't exactly rake in the cash. So to make up for the lack of Moola and also as a cover for my secret identity, I had to take a second job at a gas station as a cashier.

Good fun, really nice people.

I swear the whole time I was there I was just waiting to get robbed, western movies and their stereo types. Hahaha.

The people that mattered grouped by nationality

The Americans

Mick, amazing guy, the true american cow boy

Jennifer, always willing to help

Frank, always there for the International Students

International students from Russia

This is kate and kate can dance

This is svelt and svelt was popular with the boys

This is julia and julia was very popular with the boys

International students from Bulgaria

Diana also known as my roomate

Borislava, I was going with the jay-chou-I-am-so-cool-chicks-just-dig-this look

Miglena, extremely gorgeous

Andreana, winner of Zan's best roomate award

International students from Poland

Anna, one of the few people I enjoyed spending my time with

Oh yeah and the Singaporeans

National day celebrations

While I was working I managed to take some time to tour the immediate vicinity.

Sleeping beauty mountain

No funny jokes about sleeping beauty OK!! she was very nice

The Nearest Town (Glen Falls)

Arbitrary traffic junction

The nearest town with a race course (Saratoga, it's suppose to be indian for something)

I knew the racing ticket was jinxed the moment she touched it.

Semi rural to rural places suck. There is a reason why nature and semi rural areas are free, the only exceptions to the free = sux rule are Pirated MP3s and movies.

Soon came the day that my debt to my employers has been paid in full. I was able to leave their evil clutches and roam the US as the free spirit that I am. (Oh yeah this girl called Chin Wee came along with me, we free spirited together!!)

Chin Wee

First we went to Hartford, Capital of Connecticut.

There, nothing much. But I highly recommend Mark Twain's House. Mark Twain was a very witty man. He gets my 2 thumbs up, I highly approve his witty behaviour and now with my approval, we all know that he may truly rest in peace.

Mark's house

New Haven, City to the prestigious Yale University.

Which is actually pretty similar to NTU. NOT! Eh they got museums on campus OK!! How to compare?

Their lectures are like Harry Potter and Dan brown stories multiplied together then cubed, How to compare?

Yale library

Washington, DC.

White house, Washington Monument and Smithsonian Institute all free. By the free = sux rule, it suxed but not too much. Chin Wee agrees too.

White house

Washington Monument

For all the mornings we were there we ate at this alfresco restaurant called COSI.

Children walking by Cosi

New York City

We met up with the other Singaporeans Genn, Jarod and Alex, all of which worked at the evil place which cannot be named.

Malaysian fare

And then went for some stand up comedy.

We were high and Yes the act was that good!

Watched cold play at Madison Square Garden, we managed to get last minute tickets at discounted prices. Cold play so rules.

haha, the image is so blurr I can claim it's any band I want

Coincidentally, I met my buddy, Sean, after watching "Phantom of the Opera" @ broadway. Which was cool, but Cold play was exponentially cooler.

I've got this face on because I watched cold play and Sean doesn't because he didn't, he is so sore.

On Chin Wee's final day, we went to central park.

For the next leg of my journey I traveled with Sean.

First stop, Los Angeles

The Old city centre of the "city of Angels"

The catholic church in the old city centre

Inside the church

The marketplace at the old city centre

After the 1st night I got attacked by unidentifiable bed insects at the hostel

Why me?
I think this is the lowest point of my Journey. Never quite recovered from here.

Drove to Las Vegas.

I played one hand of black jack and won with a black jack hand. Total bet: US$ 120 Total Winnings: US$ 180.

Belagio, the casino that Ocean's Eleven broke.

Took an 8 hour Grey Hound Bus to Flagstaff.

Went to Sedona's cathedral rock

The big hole in the ground that millions flock to see each year, Grand Canyon South Rim

Took a 21 hour Grey Hound Bus to San Francisco, which incidentally happened to be my birthday. Wohoo!! what a treat.

Fisherman's wharf

The people at fisherman's wharf

The people watching the locals of fisherman's wharf


The rock